The mining of time – design by Aleksandra Wronska

The project
A sleep of 4000 years, where, as in a dance, nature hides, protects and then returns to the landscape
a dormant gift to which man makes a new life.
This is the power of StoneOak®: a fossil wood that nature has returned to our time and in the underground
which the natural beauty of wood is accentuated by the contrast with the minimal iron structure:
a game of full and empty spaces that leaves the wood with the space to express the power of its organicity.
A project that overcomes the barriers of time, to unite the continuity of the natural element, bringing it to light,
in the experience of everyday life, what nature has jealously kept for itself for centuries.

As in a stratigraphy, the form tells a temporal fragment of the life of an ancient organism, fixed in
this modern skyline that has set in itself a millenary work created by nature itself.
This project translates the strength and purity of nature into a design object – The mining of time – bringing back
in the light of our everyday life what has been preserved for centuries. The material is StoneOak®, a fossil wood that emerged from the subsoil where it was stored for 4,000 years.
The contamination between ancient and modern accentuates the natural beauty of StoneOak®; highlighted by the structure
minimal in rough iron that, thanks to its emptiness, leaves the space to the wood to express its organicity.
The whole focus is on the natural expressiveness of wood that invites us to experience the thrill of touching the passage of time with our hands.
The form itself, as in a stratigraphy, tells a fragment of the life of a very ancient, fixed organism
in this modern skyline that has set within itself a millenary work created by nature and time.


The designer Aleksandra Wronska

Designer and sculptor born in Czestochowa (PL), from an Italian father and Polish mother, she is a Milanese by adoption.
Graduated in design and sculpture at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts with two theses on the concept of aesthetic empathy and expressiveness of design, one of which has become a textbook in a design course of the Academy of
Brescia LABA makes the concept of aesthetic empathy the beating heart of his work.
Continuous research that ranges between art, design, science, and psychology: a study that led her to be
speaker at the Krakow architecture biennial and a workshop at the Ecal art school
of Lausanne.
In 2018, in Eindhoven (NL) he worked as an assistant at Nacho Carbonell’s studio.
His projects are based on the expressiveness of the form and on what it is able to communicate, in one
the continuous evolution of patterns and patterns that link forms and their educational principles to the perception
human, to bodily sensations and emotions.
He has participated in various exhibitions during the Milan design weeks and other group exhibitions.