Wood Working

At Zanuso legno we offer to our customers a wide range of processing.

We can realize the following processing:

  • Veneers cutting
  • Veneers jointing 0,6 mm / 1 mm / 2 mm
  • Sawn wood jointing 4,2 mm
  • Veneer paper or fleeceback
  • Edge banding
  • Calibration
  • Cutting boards

Veneers cutting: we can cut the edge of the veneers until 3,2 meters long.

Veneers jointing: we can joint veneers in the 3 principals way:

Slip match

Book match


Sawn wood jointing: 4,2 mm

Thanks to a process that we developed internally we can joint the sawn wood 4,2 mm thickness in order to achieve a flexible and resistant panel perfect for nautical use.

Veneers + fleeceback:

We apply veneers on fleeceback on thickness up to 2mm.

Edge banding:

We can manufacture edge banding in a roll.


A thin layer is removed to reduce its thickness, with the assurance that the board or sheet is identical from beginning to end until the last fraction of millimeter.

Board Cutting:

We can cut the boards as customer request (we sell the entire boards)