The Forgotten Forest – A centuries-long time span for a new material

StoneOak® the fossil wood



We called it StoneOak® because its texture and colors remind us of the stone.

Logs that have slipped beneath the ground as a result of landslides and upheavals of the forest area and were wrapped and protected under layers and layers of clay. The anaerobic environment has inhibited the development of microorganisms protecting and isolating the wood, thus preventing the inexorable process of slow degradation. Nature did the rest.

Posted by Zanuso Legno srl on Monday, May 29, 2017

Over the time the wood structural elements have changed and others have been added. Mineral salts have combined with the elements existing in the wooden matrix, gradually transforming the organic state.


Now, after a long time, sometimes as a result of excavations and perforations, sometimes as a result of natural phenomena such as landslides or other movements of the earth, the logs emerge with all their load of beauty.

Nature has protected them as precious jewels and made them unique. Uniques are the colors and the depth of their texture.

StoneOak® –   absolutely natural material.

StoneOak® – The new interpretation of the wood surfaces proposed for your exclusive projects.


StoneOak® is available in 4 shades of gray:
G1 G2 G3 and Anthracite aAnd in two variants of brown, B1 B2
2 standard thickness:

0,8 mm  

2,0 mm 



The above information was gathered during the search of the raw material. Carbon dating tests are carried out systematically at each new discovery and further tests are being carried out to obtain accurate and irrefutable data about the organic composition. Certifications of carbon dating, are available upon request.