Flying table – Marco Maccagnan meets StoneOak®

Flying table • Marco Maccagnan for Zanuso Legno.


flying superdesign


A minimalist designer meets a unique and secular wood to create a table that combines design and materials under one single profile.


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Posted by Zanuso Legno srl on Friday, April 7, 2017


The project: The simplest objects; a table.
The idea of designer Marco Maccagnan is to mix history, using a natural and secular material such as StoneOak®, and design, creating a single support that becomes a container assuming functional and structural value.

The effect is a floating table, which seems to be magically suspended. The table top is made of StoneOak® with its gray colors that resemble the stone and exalts the floating effect.




StoneOak® is an improperly called fossil wood. It is recovered from the ground, where nature has preserved it for centuries naturally changing the color in different shades of grays.

StoneOak® is a millennial wood that can enhance any projects with its beauty.