Teak FSC® Decking GRAY.

Teak FSC® Decking GRAY.

The gray color of the teak given by the natural oxidation of the wood was fought with products and with lamatura that revived the color of the teak bringing it back to its natural golden color.

In recent years the trend has reversed and more and more people are requesting teak already with a gray patina.

At Zanuso legno we managed to accelerate the teak aging process to bring it to this gray color that resembles ship decks.

Thanks to GRAY teak decking, you can have a lived-in teak effect from the moment you lay it.

In addition, the teak decking floor is FSC® certified, in fact, all the wood used to produce it comes from forests responsibly managed TO MAKE IT ECO-SUSTAINABLE.


Here is one of the possible solutions we propose for decking in Teak:

Massive outdoor floor – decking

Thickness 19 mm pre-planed

Fix measure width 90 mm

Fix measure lengths 1200-1500-1800 mm

As with all our products, we provide advice and the possibility of customized solutions.