Carpenter tables

At Zanuso legno we have a wide selection of carpenter tables from the 50’s to the 80’s.

Our tables come from Italian carpenters mainly from the Brianza area, north of Italy.

We sell raw tables as well as we buy them from carpentry in this way we leave the freedom to the final customers to choose if restore it or keep it with the signs of the carpenter’s work.

At the moment we have the following tables in stock:


Table 01             247x76x83 h        

banco n. 1 (3)

Table 02             230x70x86 h         

banco n. 2 (1)

Table 03             257x78x78 h           

banco n. 3 (4)

Table 04             250x74x82 h          

banco n. 4 (7)

Table 05             212x70x87 h          

banco n. 5 (2)


Table 06             210x70x87 h     

banco n. 6 (5)

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