Teak FSC® decking

Beside the Teak veneer, sawn wood, and lumber, we produce Teak decking with FSC® certified wood.

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The FSC® certification guarantee to our customers that our Teak comes from responsibly managed forests.


The FSC® Teak safeguard a wood that was near the extinction and is now is available again and eco-friendly.

Teak is a durable and reliable material that can be used outside because it is weather resistant. It needs minimal maintenance and keeps its beauty unchanged over time.


Here it is one of our Teak Decking solutions:

External solid wood FSC® Teak flooring – decking

Thickness  mm  19

Width fix  mm 90

Length fix  mm  1200-1500-1800

As pour all our products we can assist and create tailor-made solutions.

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