The Table of Life design by Adriana Lohmann

ZANUSO legno present:

The Table of Life – by Adriana Lohmann


From the forgotten forest, in the clayey swamps of Asia, life re-emerges.

A deposit of precious essences, of trunks and roots of StoneOak®, the diamond of the woods: re-emerges from the subsoil after millennia, a material of unique beauty, to which time has conferred nobility and mystery.

In these ancient roots Adriana Lohmann, an Italo-Brazilian designer who has always based her creations on mystical symbology for the well-being of the rooms, finds inspiration and creates an oval table, unique and sculptural.

The Table of Life

The trunk and the inverted root are the starting point of this project, a metaphor of the transition between structure and growth, earth and sky.

In the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu sacred text, “the Tree of Life” never dies, and has its roots at the top and the trunk facing downward. “He who knows this tree is in touch with the truth, through a progressive spiritual awakening”.

Set on the precious oval pedestal covered in materic gold, the millennial trunk starts, symbol of the eternal, alive and in movement. Its noble cracks are embellished with gold inlays inside them, a latent life that pulsates in the soul of wood.

The trunk is turned upside down, with its roots upwards like antennae stretched out in the universe, crossed by an oval glass top that symbolizes the metaphysical point between what was once hidden away and now presents itself in the reflection of itself.

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Since then, he has established important collaborations with the most successful Italian and foreign design excellences of furniture and created a range of products of his own production, from floors to boiseries, tables and furniture, of absolute quality and characterized by uniqueness.

He transforms and works with wisdom unique and exclusive millennial woods like StoneOak®, StoneElm®, MarbleAsh® and StoneOak® roots.


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