Old beams, veneer and sawn wood

Old Beams veneers and sawn wood.

We recover 100 years old beams from mansion and villas.

From these beams we obtain two products:

old beams veneers 1mm thickness

Sawn wood 4,2 mm thickness 

This material is part of the GREEN philosophy of Zanuso legno. The wood is a resource, a material that with time acquires beauty and must be conserved and enhanced.

Cracks, open knots, and signs of the time make this a fascinating material.

The sawn wood its perfect for Kitchen outer lining and wainscoting, we can also make a flooring with the same material.

We can provide the material, the jointed material or the panel.

Old beams panel 4,2mm

Old beams panel 4,2 mm first patina (External part of the beams with natural oxidation)