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The Forest Stewardship Council sets standards for responsible forest management. A voluntary program, FSC® uses the power of the marketplace to protect forests for future generations. Some people feel the best way to prevent deforestation is to stop using forest products. In reality, people use forest products every day. For example, the average American uses nearly six trees worth of paper each year. So FSC harnesses market demand to ensure forests are responsibly managed. Because FSC® is the gold standard in forest certification, it is the only system supported by groups such as WWF, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Council, and National Wildlife Federation.

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VERO LEGNO is the wood certification mark for industrial products and handicrafts in all the countries of the European Union. Thanks to this certification mark, consumers can recognize the authenticity of wood.

VERO LEGNO protects the consumers from imitation and forgery of wood and qualifies the products and the companies that display this certification mark. It promotes the product card in compliance with the law. The card is the ID card of the furniture and of the interior decorations that should list all the materials used to manufacture each product. The VERO LEGNO certification mark certifies that a product is realized only employing real wood and that it is not an imitation. In addition, the Consortium spreads accurate information about the employment of wood, its characteristics, and its performances. This certification mark stands for credibility and transparency and complies with the norms and regulations in force.