Rare woods for unique projects

StoneOak® fossil veneers, Limited Edition veneers and Materici make up the exclusive family of millenary woods developed by ZANUSOlegno in over 60 years of experience and passion in the selection of high quality woods. An exclusive collection of rare woods has been put together, thanks to the identification of the best sites and constant research to make the most of their design potential. There is no standard in this collection, and each veneer is unique. Our company has specific know-how in the field of millenary woods, enabling us to provide the best possible assistance to architects, designers and companies wishing to work with these rare materials: from the identification of the most suitable types for each specific use, to technical specifications, right up to the creation of made-to-measure samples required for the development of the project.

StoneOak® G

StoneOak G1 Crown
StoneOak G1 Quarter cut
StoneOak G2 Crown
StoneOak G2 Quarter cut
StoneOak G3 Crown
StoneOak G3 Quarter cut
StoneOak Antracite Crown
StoneOak Antracite Quarter cut

StoneOak® B

StoneOak B1 Crown
StoneOak B1 Quarter cut
StoneOak B2 Crown
StoneOak B2 Quarter cut

Limited Edition

StoneElm Crown
StoneElm Quarter cut
MarbleAsh Crown
MarbleAsh Quarter cut

High thickness veneers

High thickness veneers SO-G3
High thickness veneers SO-G3